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Music expands into the metaverse.

But what does that even mean to music artists?

It means more persistent marketing (think custom avatars & virtual brand merch), more revenue through better royalty splits (see Royal, from above), and better discovery on platforms like TikTok (see Audius, from above).

That said, why not now produce short-form music content focused on social distribution thru the metaverse and TikTok-like apps.

The math is pretty simple here. Long-form radio style platforms are on the outs — and new hyper-casual entertainment apps like TikTok are getting massive traction.

Inside the “verse” users are constantly on the run — meeting & making new friends, playing random new games, and having multi-sensory experiences all while on the go — and on the outside IRL having quick 15 to 30 second interactions on social, dating, and various other entertainment apps.

So why not moving forward just produce shorter formatted songs that specifically fill this new need for hyper-casual music content.

Just thinking on the production side of things… shorter formatted songs could decrease the overall development & production cost, as well as the time to market for each song produced.

In turn, this could also help to increase the frequency of releases as well. The “verse” and apps alike could potentially be flooded with a constant flow of fresh new music that could help bolster both the presence & relevancy of these music artists.

Which of course in the end should all track to bigger and better paychecks!


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